Black Hills Gold and Silver
Black Hills Gold and Silver
Black Hills Gold and Silver
Black Hills Gold & Silver
Black Hills Gold & Silver
Black Hills Gold

Black Hills Gold is uniquely American

CBlack hills GoldIn the 1800's America experienced a phenomenon known as the Gold Rush. Men, and some women, from around the world flocked to the United States (or territories, at that time) to be the first to stake a claim to land with potential wealth --- just for the taking.

A Frenchman named Henri Le Beau, who eventually became the father of Black Hills Gold, was among those searching for this treasure. But Henri was somewhat different in that he was skilled at working with the metal and forming it into beautiful jewelry.

While heading west with other gold seekers, Henri got separated from his group. He became lost and confused about his location. When it got dark he fell asleep and he dreamed about grapes, vines, and leaves floating in water. When he woke up, sure enough, he was very close to a stream and where grapes were growing freely.

He felt this was providential, as it helped him find his way back to "civilization." He decided to purchase this precious metal from other men, and to create a pattern, and coloration in the gold, which became uniquely called Black Hills Gold.

Black Hills Gold rings for everyone

Black Hilld Gold RingsWhen Henri Le Beau was creating the now famous jewelry pattern, the American spirit was developing --- independent, equal opportunity, free thinking. To a good extent, Black Hills Gold rings exemplify that today. Of all the products and jewelry created in that part of the country, this is the most diverse. There is such a variety available, and each one is designed with the delicate grape leaves and grape cluster, and three color design:

  • Ladies' rings
  • Men's rings
  • Gold rings
  • Silver rings
  • Stones in rings
  • Baby rings
  • Toe rings

And best of all are the absolutely beautiful Black Hills Gold rings for weddings --- for both men and women. For engagement, or in incredibly gorgeous wedding bands.

Anyone looking for a beautiful and unique ring need look no farther. And those who want to purchase a bit of American spirit may find what they want here as well.

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